Why you should Work with an Executive Search Consultant

Executive hiring solutions are specialized companies that help find the right high-level candidate to fill a leadership position within a company. Executive roles are very specialized jobs, and companies often lack the expertise to find the right person for these roles. That’s where an executive search consultant can help. As an executive-level candidate seeking a job, here’s how to work best with a search consultant to ensure you get the best job.

Who is an executive search consultant?

An executive search consultant is a specialized executive recruiter possessing the proper techniques and tactics for headhunting (the process of recruiting high-level people to fill senior positions in an organization). They help find the right executive-level candidate for a company and the right company for the executive-level candidate.

Executive search consultants work within an executive hiring solution or independently.

What are the prime responsibilities of executive search consultants?

The primary role of an executive search consultant is to the company that hires their services – to find the right high-level candidate for an available high-level position within that company. But equally critical is their role in shepherding the right senior-level candidate through the entire job search process, so they shine and succeed. A typical assignment involves finding the right candidate for a critical position. The candidate is hard to find and even harder to persuade to join the company, and the impact of success/failure is most significant.

How to work with an executive search consultant

1. Understand the role they play

Before connecting with or contacting a recruiter, understand the difference between an executive search, contingency, and in-house recruiter so you can connect with legitimate executive search consultants. In-house recruiters work for a particular organization with particular openings. Organizations hire executive search or contingency firms to find candidates for senior-level executive positions and boards of directors.

2. Use your executive search consultant as a resource

The consultant you work with has excellent knowledge about your industry and companies with high-level positions that must be filled. Use them to gain critical information about the current job market. Engage in conversations that help you stand out as a leading candidate.

Create a relevant resume and cover letter

Once you have gleaned enough insights from your initial conversation with a consultant, use it to create a resume and cover letter tailored to fit the organization’s needs.

3. Communicate honestly and appropriately

Honesty is critical because it ensures the right fit for you and the organization that hires you. But equally important is appropriate communication. For example, do not send your resume to every recruiter at the executive hiring solution firm.

4. Use your executive search consultant as a coach

During your in-person interview, don’t hesitate to ask the consultant for guidance regarding job search strategies and interview process, insights into crucial influencers, timings of the following steps, etc.

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