Seven Executive Search Mistakes to Avoid

A business can take many wrong turns on the path to finding executive-level talent. Here are seven that can take you a bit off-course. On the bright side, you can avoid them easily by factoring them in your approach to executive search.

Major recruiting blunders at the executive search level

Knowing where you’re likely to falter during your executive search will keep you vigilant and improve hiring outcomes for your organization.

1. Not knowing your ideal candidate

Avoid rushing into a search without first creating a detailed job description for the role based on the inputs of the executives involved in the process. All decision-makers should be on the same page concerning the responsibilities, expectations, and skills for the specific job.

2. Not searching internally

You can save time and resources by evaluating your internal talent. There may be individuals within your organization who’re capable of taking on new responsibilities or ready to reach the next level in their careers. If you cannot find the right talent after an internal search, external executive hiring solutions can enter the picture.

3. Focusing on your feelings about the candidate

You may feel that the candidate may not take up the job or stick around for long. While it’s natural for such doubts to creep in, they should not overshadow the candidates’ facts. Focus on the data and take your inclinations about the candidate less seriously. For your peace of mind, you can always make appropriate inquiries during the interview or even earlier in the hiring process.

4. Being okay with a candidate who is not as good as the best

The executive talent you’re seeking may be in short supply, but it isn’t an excuse to settle for second best. A great executive leads by example and helps the organization attract the best leadership-level talent. It’s why many organizations choose to engage executive search firms and build a competitive advantage with a quality leadership talent pool.

5. Not spending enough time wooing candidates

You may draw up a long list of candidate requirements, imagine candidates in various business scenarios, and make all kinds of inquiries. Yet, the right individual for the role may slip through your hands because you didn’t invest time in persuading him/her to join your company. Remember that the candidates under consideration will be looking at other opportunities. If you don’t engage and convince them, they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

6. Setting the right expectations about the ideal candidate

If the executive must ‘fit in’ with board members to enjoy a smooth collaborative partnership, things other than his/her skills and experience will also matter. For example, your board may prefer a sociable executive who enjoys playing golf and engaging with the press. You must instruct your executive search term on these less-discussed qualities at the outset.

7. Focusing excessively on the costs of executive search hiring solutions

The best executive search firms aim to be recruitment partners and add value to your recruitment efforts. Their fees reflect their service levels and track record. Having an open mind about the overall value of engaging a search firm rather than how much it is charging you will help you make the right choice and hire successfully.

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