Is Using An Executive Search Firm Worth It?

Hiring for executive-level positions can be stressful. You’re under tremendous pressure to find the best person for the job, especially if they have big shoes to fill. If your executive left in the midst of restructuring or a critical project, you may feel pressurized further to speed up your search. Executive search firms can help you make strategic hiring decisions on the C-suite and senior-level positions quickly and effectively. In this post, we discuss the reasons for considering executive hiring solutions.

What do executive search firms offer?

A professional search service brings capabilities that your in-house HR cannot replicate.

  • A network of active and passive candidates: The average executive search firm has access to hundreds, if not thousands of executives actively seeking a job. They can also reach out to top-tier passive candidates and persuade them to join your company. Their sector-specific experience comes in handy in finding leaders that have the right attributes to lead in the role and to engage them in a language that attracts them to your company.
  • A professional sourcing and selection process: HR teams don’t have the industry knowledge or professional network to recruit executive-level professionals. The responsibility falls on your senior executives, who may not have the time to conduct an effective search. An executive search firm has a broad network and systematic approach to engaging and recruiting leaders.
  • An ability to handle engagements discreetly: Executive search firms ensure a confidential search process. They work discreetly to avoid any impact on your business relationships during the transition.

Already have a hiring strategy for senior leaders? Here’s when you may still need an executive search firm.

Even if your senior executives can successfully hire into crucial positions, certain situations may necessitate using executive hiring solutions.

You need a leader with a unique background: The kind of leader you want to attract may be in short supply in the market. Seeking out an individual with hard-to-find professional experience can be time-consuming. Without a broad network, you may hit a wall and struggle to complete your search. The best executive search firms will move mountains to find you the leader you want. They will direct their resources and time to find executives within or beyond their network that fit the bill.

You cannot afford hours of lost productivity: The depth and range of executive search demand a significant investment of time and effort. Taking shortcuts can result in hires that aren’t a good fit or that quit soon after. Retaining an executive search firm can help avoid a loss of productivity for your team. You can also do away with the risk of hiring someone who cannot add value to your company.

Win the war for talent

Regardless of your industry, an executive search firm will help you:

  • hire with accuracy
  • hire with speed
  • hire for hard-to-fill roles
  • gain additional insights into the market
  • avoid unconscious bias or politics that can impede the process

You can experience these benefits with Arango & Associates, a leading provider of high-quality professional search services. With over 50 years of experience in the field, we’re uniquely positioned to find executives that are a perfect fit and lead your business to greater heights.