Four Benefits of Using Retained Search Solutions

Finding and hiring the right talent can be challenging, especially when looking for specific, niche roles that demand unique skills. A retained search solutions service can help you find the most suitable candidates for the positions you are trying to fill within your organization.

What is a retained search solutions service?

Retained search is a proactive recruiting method. A company hires a retained search firm and pays them exclusively to do all the groundwork to find and recruit the ideal candidates.

Four benefits of using a retained search services solution

1.   Lower the risk of hiring the wrong candidate

The main focus of a retained search is the quality of hires. A hiring company specializing in retained search and selection services will have competent recruiters with high success rates. These recruiters look for talent across multiple avenues, and they also look at both active and passive candidates. They also use strategies like market mapping techniques and paid targeted marketing to ensure your company gets high-quality candidates.

2.   Get high priority

A retained search is an exclusive agreement between a client company and one recruiter. That recruiter is the sole recruiter designated to find highly qualified candidates to fill any role within that company. The retained search firm charges the client an upfront cost for these services. A higher level of commitment ensures the company’s placements get topmost priority.

3.   Find the most sought-after to the rarest skill sets

Highly successful candidates and those with exclusive skill sets are not always actively looking to switch jobs; they are almost always satisfied with their job and are not tempted by job offers. That’s where a recruiter from a retained search firm can help. They can find and attract the best talent – even if this talent is not looking for a job change. Candidates are willing to listen to retained search recruiters. They realize that these recruiters represent and hire for serious companies – big companies with attractive offers and who take their hiring process seriously.

4.   Access to resources

If you lack the time or the resources needed to find the best high-level candidates, your best bet is to hire a retained search solutions firm. First, you get the recruitment firm’s entire team to work exclusively on the positions you need to be filled. The recruitment firm offers its time, effort, human resources, recruitment skills, and knowledge to provide you with more secure, discreet, and personalized services.

When it is critical to hire only the best of the best, don’t try to take on the job yourself. A retained search solutions company can take on all the heavy lifting to search for, scrutinize, and then find the best candidates for any position you need to be filled. With over 50 years in recruitment, Arango & Associates is a high-quality retained search and selection services firm. Call us to find out how we can help you find the best candidates.