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Paula is a results-orientated, dedicated, persistent, and tenacious individual. She has an absolute passion for her clients and helping them achieve business success! A true team player and leader, and lives with an energetic "can do" attitude always striving for positive mutually beneficial business outcomes. Paula also has a deep passion and concern for people. She is a seasoned businesswoman, crafty strategist, and artful negotiator. These skills, coupled with her drive for success, natural interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, and entrepreneurial flair have enabled her to deliver positive results in her business.

Fokion Natsis

Fokion Natsis
Global Business Development at Avanti Communications Group

Paula is a true Ambassador in every sense of the word when is comes to professionalism and business development. She was one of the very first professionals we met in the local Florida market. She has been the same friendly and professional individual in all meetings across the USA conference circuit. Paula has developed a very dedicated and hands-on approach with us as new entrants to the market.

As a company, we are delighted to be working with an individual that has so much passion and the ability to deliver. 

MushfiQ Hopkins

MushfiQ Hopkins
Head of BPO Operations - Western Cape

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